This is the home of and a few of the sleepers we have built over the past 20 years. The site hasn't been updated in quite a while so I thought it best to add a few items to highlight the build and launch of our Scrapyard Scamp for my company's promotional efforts in the coming months.

The recent story is that our little 71' Plymouth was rescued from a Phoenix metal scrapyard in non running condition after the original owner passed away. We had several engine ideas from 340 V8's, Hemis, and even a built Slant Six and an Ecotec before we thought we should try something a little different. We purchased a Toyota, 2JZGTE, Twin Turbo, 3.0 inline 6 from a Japanese importer, stripped the car down and set the engine in the bay for a test fit.

While we wont be the first or LAST to swap this famous engine into something; we've hoped to keep the REAL idea of hotrodding in focus here by trying to keep the build simple and something you could do at home with a Chop Saw, MIG Welder, and Harbor Freight band saw!

This isn't a mega dollar Pro Touring build with a $20,000 paint job, $40,000 of engine and $30,000 of suspension machined from CNC Billet blocks of unobtainum by teams of craftsman. This car is made with as simple as you can do something like this and make it real street driver. The build team has been 95% me and my friend Tim Skardoutous, hacking away for six months of weekends and a few nights. In some instances we've had my longtime pals like Clark P., Jay Buckley, Dave Nedock, and Greg Banish stop by and chip in when we needed a break or a fresh perspective.

We had a few cool guys help sponsor our little car by offering a discount, a tool, or free parts and those gestures are greatly appreciated. Anybody cool enough to do that should be recognized and I highly encourage you to do business with those companies.

I am grateful for a loving and patient wife, and some of the best friends you will ever find anywhere.